Special Update 

Russia & Ukraine


Since I didn't know what Putin was planning, I didn't believe he was going to start bombing Ukraine.  But On February 24, 2022 I discovered what his plans were and you will soon see that Putin definitely has a mission in Ukraine. 

February 24, 2022 am

Ukraine is the Deep State's money laundering machine.  They need to cover that up, as well as cover up their Great Reset details.  Get your money out of the banks and Market, and put it into Gold and Silver now!  They may be in charge of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, so don't use those!  They are about to crash the economy!

Apparently Biden got the war he wanted.  Its not quite the one he intended though.  In the past the CIA has always been the ones to start the wars, but Putin beat them to it this time.  Although it isn't really a "war."  Not one News outlet is reporting the Truth right now.

February 24, 2022 4:30 pm

I haven't verified this yet, but all the usual "Truth" channels are believing that Russia actually did invade Ukraine.  But this does sound more plausible:

Putin has been trying to get the UN to investigate the thirteen (or 14) US bio-weapon facilities in Ukraine, because there have been "contaminate leaks", and some of these facilities are right on the border of Russia.  The UN has not investigated because the UN belongs to the Freedom Thieves, and those facilites are theirs!

Ukraine has been reporting that the only places that have been bombed are military bases and airports.  Putin plans are to demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine, not occupy it.  Presently Ukraine belongs to the Thieves, and the corrupt US government as well.  Putin believes that these bio-weapon facilities belong to the US and the DoD has funded them, and that they are in these military bases.  Not sure about why the airports are being bombed.  I looked it up, and these US bio-weapon facilities do in fact exist.  In fact, they are all over the world!

One interesting fact is that Snopes is debunking these claims, especially where the bombings have been––if Snopes is debinking it, then it IS IN FACT TRUE!

January 24, 2022 6:30pm

The above story is VERIFIED!  Putin has destroyed about seven of the bio-weapon labs so far!  Putin intends to get rid of the neo-nazis that were installed into Ukraine when the US caused a regime change there in 2014-15; destroy all the bio-weapon labs––generally clean it up and destroy the money-laundering machine for the Freedom Thieves and their puppets!   

Proof of the Neo-nazi plants:

This article is clearly left-wing, but it definitely points out how the CIA has planted neo-nazis into Ukraine.  The neo-nazis hate the Russians, which is all civilians in Ukraine!  They are there simply to protect US interests––i.e. the money laundering operation of the Thieves and their puppets.  Biden is NOT right-wing and has never supported any right-wing organizations!  He is a crook, a murderer, a pedophile and has dementia (that he may be faking)!  White Supremacists are left-wing liberals!

Putin has not bombed any civilian areas, only the bio-weapon facilities and a few military airports.  The Breitbart article above has the correct headline, but the rest of the article is Breitbart's opinion––they have always reported the truth in the past, but not this time.

Below is a much better article:

January 25, 2022 am

There are many of these US bio-weapon labs all over the world.  I'm wondering if any of the other nation leaders will also destroy these?  It is most likely that they have been kept secret, and most don't know they are in their countries. 

Apparently China and Taiwan are in a similar position––the Thieves stole Taiwan from China, and they are already hinting that this might be the right time to invade Taiwan.  Although, it will be a little different because I do believe China wants Taiwan back and will most likely occupy.

It is the Pentagon's Military Industrial Complex that are responsible for these bio-weapon labs and they fund them.  They are by no means the good guys!  US Military Intelligence are the only group of the military who are NOT corrupt.

Zelensky has reported that only 134 people are dead and many others wounded––NOT the thousands that have been reported by FAKE NEWS.  And those are most likely the neo-nazis that Obama planted in Ukraine in 2014-15.

What we may see next is most likely a communication blackout, possibly even a complete grid blackout here in the US, so prepare now.  Military Intelligence has counter moves prepared, so hopefully the blackout will not be very long.  But the Thieves need to cover up their Great Reset, and all the Election Audit results that will be coming out on Trump's Truth Social.  This will most likely be around the end of March, or before.

February 26, 2022 am

The Fake News is reporting that NATO troops, as well as US troops have entered Ukraine.  However, Ukraine is not a part of NATO, and the US has been warned by Putin not to interfere (they are sending money instead).  Although US Fake News is reporting that we are now in World War III, I seriously doubt it.  Putin does not plan to occupy Ukraine.

I believe Russian forces are in Kiev right now, or they were yesterday.  Putin has called for talks with Zelensky.  I do believe this will all end shortly.  Putin has completed his Special Mission––he destroyed all the bio-weapon labs, and much of the military bases, which is where some of the neo-nazis were.

The neo-nazis were planted in Ukraine by Barack Obama, and they took over the Ukraine Government––which is in Kiev.  Will have to find a truthful article for you, but I suspect Putin may have bombed much of the capital in Kiev to get rid of the neo-nazis.  However, I've heard their lights, internet, etc. are still presently working––which deosn't make sens if they have been bombed to oblivion.

The neo-nazis have been continually bombing the separatist parts of Ukraine, killing the people there––for years!  Ukraine is under a nazi regime!  Putin is protecting his people––he still considers all Russian people under his protection.  He just needed the right time to begin bombing the labs and the neo-nazis––timing is everything.

February 26, 2022 4:30pm
I just ran across the only article on Breitbart that I could find stating the Truth. Putin told Ukraine's military to take the power back, and take control of the country. 

He really does not plan to occupy Ukraine.  He just wants them safe from now on.  I saw an American man who lives in Russia on an alternative news channel who stated in his experience Putin has integrity.  He means what he says, and he does what he says he will do.  He is not just spouting off words to fool the world.

Apparently, the neo-nazis are not a part of Ukraine's military. He is trying to get the military to run out or destroy the nazis. The neo-nazis are committing genocide on the Russian people living in Ukraine! The only people killing Ukraine citizens are the neo-nazis––they hate the Russian people.

Russians in Russia are NOT protesting the war, because they know it is not a war! They are celebrating because they know that their fellow Russians will be freed from the genocide!

One more thing, I have read and heard conflicting reports concerning Zelensky's character––he may actually be working with Putin to rid Ukraine of the corruption and the nazis. We'll have to watch and see what happens.

The communication black-out is soon, but not just yet.  They have to keep the story about WWIII for awhile first, so they (Biden, Obama, CIA) can use it to explain the black-out.  Any cyber-attacks to the US grid will be by our own CIA––blamed on Russia.

February 27, 2022 7:30pm
There isn't much news to report today, but Putin had asked Zelensky to talk, but at first he said no. Now it seems Zelensky is ready to talk.

There is no nuclear war. Putin isn't looking to blow up Chernobyl. World War III has not begun. Putin had a specific reason for bombing certain areas within Ukraine, and that is why he called it a Special Military Operation. It sounds as if he has accomplished what he went there to do.

Putin is still there because he needs to make sure the Russian people will be safe when his troops leave. Therefore the nazis and Freedom Thieves puppets need to be gone from Ukraine, and there needs to be a new government.  Ukraine has been extremely corrupt, there were 14 bio-weapon labs there and needed some cleaning up pretty bad. Let's hope that Putin was able to do all that, as well as investigate what the labs were up to.

February 28, 2022

Putin and Zelensky are in talks today. No fighting or bombing is going on during these talks.

A reminder: no civilian buildings were targeted during this Special Operation. The only people killed were neo-nazi soldiers (unless civilians got in the way)!

Putin has said that Russian nuclear forces are on High Alert because UK's foreign secretary claims that there could be clashes between Moscow and NATO over Ukraine. However, she is very wrong. Putin has no intentions of going anywhere else.  Again, this was a Special Military Operation within Ukraine only.

March 1, 2022
Russia will continue the military operation in Ukraine until its "goals are achieved" and will host the first international "anti-fascist" conference in August, says Defense Minister Shoigu.

Shoigu vows "to unite the efforts of the international community in the fight against the ideology of Nazism, neo-Nasism in any form of it manifestation in the modern world."

Putin's goals are to eliminate all of the bio-weapon labs and the neo-nazis. The neo-nazis will have the chance to surrender.

FYI:  Russia has not been a communist country since the USSR was broken up in 1991.  Putin was born into a Christian family, and is still a Christian.

March 6, 2022 4:30pm
Putin and Zelensky were in talks for a couple days at the beginning of this month. FYI: If you support Ukraine, you are supporting the US Freedom Thieves and the corruption within Ukraine. Ukraine is a very corrupt country, especially the government––much like the US government! Putin's troops are not targeting civilians. Anyone still watching the corrupt FAKE NEWS is a fool––they are lying to you.

Anyone who has been killed are the neo-nazis (Azov Battalion) or Russians killed by the nazis or the corrupt government. They are not the Ukrainians, which are Russians, by the way.

The New World Order is being dismantled! First Ukraine, then Taiwan and then....don't know yet, but there are several other bio-weapon labs around the world, so we may be seeing more of the same as in Ukraine.

When the US forced regime change in Ukraine in 2015, Crimea voted themselves out of Ukraine. The Ukraine government cut them off from water. Putin has tried to bring water to them since, but today I guess one of those bombs freed up a water supply to Crimea. Crimea now has water again.

March 7, 2022
This morning I read that Putin has returned the GOLD standard to Russia! That not only means that everyone who buys oil from Russia will have to pay in GOLD, it also means that the Russian Ruble is the most stable currency in the world right now. It also means that ALL Central Banks will be destroyed soon! Military Intelligence said that GOLD would destroy the Federal Reserve which would destroy the Deep State and the Freedom Thieves, and all the central Banks!

Putin really is helping to save the world! No matter what you think of him, he is a Christian and he means what he says. He had no choice to join the communist party many years ago (the US CIA are the ones that caused Russia to embrace communism!), but now he is no longer a communist and hasn't been since 1991!

Whether you believe it or not, Trump met with a lot of nation leaders when he first became President and asked them to help him save the world from the evil Freedom Thieves.  Some agreed.  Those helping may not be the best men in your eyes, but they do hate the Globalists and are indeed helping to save the world.

Again, Putin has not invaded Ukraine.  He does not plan to occupy Ukraine.  He is on a mission, and when he is done he will leave.  And Ukraine will be able to rebuild their government without the corruption––hopefully.

March 8, 2022

It isn't that America has banned Russian energy, it is because America doesn't have any gold to pay for it!  Russia now will not accept anything for payment of oil but gold.

And Biden refuses to open our own pipelines back up so we can be self-sufficient.  Biden is a complete idiot, and will not go against the Thieves who are trying to destroy America!

March 11, 2022
"The US has 336 bio-weapon labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone (at least 14 of these have been destroyed by Putin). The US should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and suject itself to multilateral verification." A spokesperson from China.

All of these labs are in place to create dangerous (lethal) vaccines (not viruses, because they are not contagious) to be used on the people of the world. In Russia's particular case, the US Air force in Ukraine collected RNA samples of white military Russians to use in the labs in order to target them in the virus/vaccines. They didn't want Ukraine's samples, just Russia's. Putin most definitely took offense to this, and considers it an act of war.

The US has continually stated that there are no bio-weapon labs in Ukraine, but there was so much about them in the news that Victoria Nuland came out and admitted that there were indeed bio-research labs in Ukraine. The bio-research and bio-weapon labs are one and the same––i.e. they house supposedly dangerous viruses (as far as anyone knows so far, these viruses are deadly).

However, Victoria Nuland quickly began a new narrative that the US is fearful that Russia may have taken control of the dangerous viruses. This is ludicrous as Russia already has many of these weapons in their possession and does not need those in Ukraine.

The Ukraine army (AZOV neo-nazis) is hiding tanks, etc. behind the houses of Ukrainian civilians so that if Putin targets the tanks, the civilians will be hit. The hospital that was hit by Ukrainian AZOV bombs had not been in operation for quite some time, so no children were hit in that bombing. However, Ukraine soldiers have been spotted planting bombs in playgrounds and schools to draw Russian bombs, so they can claim that Putin killed children, making him look like a monster––just as they did with Assad in Syria!

March 12, 2022
There is much news now, but most of the "truth-telling" news channels are now telling the TRUTH! So I will stop reporting TRUE news for now.

Stay tuned for more True News!