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Freedom Thieves

Just about everyone in our governments has been compromised. Our President is a dementia patient, a treasonous pedophile and murderer, a liar and owned by China, and therefore compromised. Obama is sitting in the basement of the White House telling the dementia patient what to do and say, and they are all the Freedom Thieves' plans from before Trump messed them up––the Thieves are continuing to destroy America and our lives! Our Vice President is a whore, a complete idiot and a liar, and hasn't a clue how to do her job, and therefore compromised!

Hilary Clinton is trying to find a way to sneak into office so she can do her job of starting a nuclear war––she is beyond compromised! Obama just may run upstairs and finish his third term––the worst of them all, and most definitely compromised!

By compromised, I mean they are only following orders.

All of our food supply has been compromised––but no matter, because they are now trying to starve us into complying with their death shots by putting a stop to the supply chains of everything, including meat!

Our skies are sprayed daily with nano-particles of aluminum and plastics and who-knows-what-else, so our air, seas and soil are compromised. All of our schools are compromised because the communists have taken over all the school boards, as well as some of the teachers. All of our medical schools and doctors have been compromised––they have been trained all wrong––they are under the assumption that mankind are only stupid animals––i.e. they believe Darwin's Theory of Evolution. They were taught how to treat monkeys that are evolving into humans! All of our medications, cancer treatments and vitamins aren't just compromised, they are poisons to the human body––and we are being forced (or threatened) to take them!

Our economy is not only fake, it has been compromised and the Federal Reserve is about to crash it on purpose in order to usher in their satanic Great Reset. Our freedom has been compromised and we're about to become slaves (well 10% maybe––the rest of us they plan to kill). Most of our Corporations are compromised. All of our main news channels are compromised. All of our Social Media is compromised. All of our communications are about to be taken down to cover up the results of the Election Audits––and REAL NEWS!

Our religions are compromised and nothing like what God intended. There are so many of them it boggles the mind, as well as tons of sects within the religions! God's Scriptures have been changed and we have no idea how much, so God's Word has been compromised as well!

So how did this all happen? And can it all be fixed?

There has been one giant Sting Operation in the works for over five years––and it isn't over yet. There was much to set up in order for this Military Operation to come off as smoothly as possible, and with the desired results (with as little collateral damage as possible)––all the while dodging bullets from the Thieves and their puppets. This is the most important operation in the history of the United States, for the whole world––for the Freedom of America's people, as well as the whole world's people is at stake!

Today we find ourselves in the midst of a very bizarre true story (a nightmare that we may not wake up from––a situation that most of us did not know was unfolding, and some still don't!). We have come very close to being too late to stop what is happening––we may still be.

Executive Orders are being passed in each state to prepare to lock up those who are still unvaccinated, which is more than half the population. Once anyone is put into these quarantine camps, they will never get out.

So what is happening to mankind? What is all the fuss about? Well, we are within inches of coming under Communist rule. They are the Freedom Thieves. These people are not just our governments––they are just following orders. Whose orders? Those that I call the Freedom Thieves––they are the people behind the Federal Reserve. They own the Federal Reserve and are NOT Americans! (It is the same for any nation that still has a Central Bank within their borders!) What we are experiencing is another holocaust––however this time, it is upon the entire world's populations––it is a regime change, if you will.

These wicked people are planning genocide upon at least 90% of the entire world's population!
We have actually been enslaved to the Federal Reserve our entire lives––we've never known a true economy or true freedom. Our economy is actually only an illusion––an illusion of the Federal Reserve's making.

Their Great Reset will enslave us forever if we allow it to happen. They plan to put the 10% still alive into concentration camps––some countries are already doing that under the guise of quarantine. If you don't know any of this, you had better seek out some real news instead of only watching the fake news (the main stream news media channels are the FAKE NEWS), or no news at all!

What the Freedom Thieves have been doing hasn't been without warning, because they love to show us what they are doing in order to rub our faces in their falsely-held superiority. They show us through best-selling novels, movies and even publicity photos or cigarette commercials (remember Teryton Cigarettes?..."I'd rather fight than switch"?––the cigarette package had two red lines mimicking the Twin Towers that David Rockefeller had just broken ground for, and both actors had black eyes like the Freemasons and Illuminati––see the image below). Rockefeller and President Bush (W) were responsible for taking down the Twin Towers––it was planned even before the towers were built. These people are extremely evil!

Most novels and movies are full of Masonic symbolism, as well as Masonic subject matter and stories (especially Disney movies!)––some quite blatant, and others you would have to watch carefully so as to not miss the symbols hidden within. 1984, Soylent Green and The Matrix are some of the more blatant of these books and movies.

These books and movies are NOT predicting the future, they are telling us what the Freedom Thieves have been planning for humanity for about three hundred thirty years! What we have been living these past two years is their ultimate goal, some of us quite oblivious to it all (even with all the boosters, lockdowns and lockups!), but most have come to discover what is really going on.

Just about everything in our lives we think we know to be true, is NOT TRUE. We the people on this Earth have been cheated out of being able to live a real life. Our entire lives we have been living within an illusion––an illusion created by some extremely evil people. A chosen few have been able to live a decent life within this illusion, but the majority have suffered their entire lives.

For about 330 years a certain group of people, the Freedom Thieves, decided they had the right to take over the world, making decisions for the people of this Earth and even controlling them and their money. What I know so far is that it has been at least those generations who have lived during the past one hundred sixty years who have been affected the most.

These people have conned the whole world in order to fulfill plans that were made many centuries ago. They found a way to obtain never-ending wealth for themselves, and possibly blackmailed many people to help them do this illegally (although many do their dirty jobs willingly for the money). They have done this, and are still doing it all for the sake of staying in power and to gain all the wealth on this Earth forever––they actually believe they will live forever.

In the process of their illegal endeavors, these Freedom Thieves have committed some very heinous crimes against the people of this Earth, most of which will be revealed soon. Therefore this book isn't about those crimes, but about the people who committed them––the who, what, where and why of it all, I found to be much more important to write about.

What has been going on these past two years has nothing to do with a pandemic or a virus––both are a hoax. The virus isn't even what we've been told it is and is not contagious––it is not the bioweapon––we have been programmed and set up to believe all this malarky. In fact, there is nothing in our world that is infectious––we have been hoodwinked into believing this. However, there is a bioweapon being forced upon humanity right now: the vaccines and boosters!

The fake pandemic had everything to do with keeping our corrupt governments in power––they needed a way to cheat, and mail-in ballots were their only way to do this (their other ways of cheating had been removed). So they created this fake pandemic in order to lock people up and force them to use the mail-in ballots. The election was rigged––and then it was allowed to be stolen in order to catch all the Thieves red-handed and to show the people what they were really up to (thus the Sting Operation)!

I feel that we need to know who these people are, and we need to stop them so this can never happen again. A couple past Presidents have tried to stop these people (President John F. Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan––one they succeeded in killing, and one they succeeded in scaring into stopping).

All past Presidents, congressmen or Hollywood stars who have been assassinated or suicided, were killed by the Freedom Thieves. These people (and I use that term loosely!) are the evilest of evil and must be stopped!

This is our SHTF, or End Time scenario! This time someone who understands what the Thieves are up to would be needed to counter their every move––such as an economist who has already helped in past Sting Operations to help remove these evil people!

Updated 2-22-22