Special Update 

Russia & Ukraine

Where was God in 2020 & 2022?

But from there you will seek Yahweh your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul (Deuteronomy 4:29).

Other verses that will shed light on the above verse are Deuteronomy 30:1-3 & Leviticus 26:39-42. So what does this all mean?

God is trying to get our attention. Even if it feels like He is not here, God is right beside you trying to get you to see Him, and seek Him out. Forget everything you’ve ever been taught, and read God’s Scriptures (Old Testament) with new eyes, and hopefully an open heart.

When life is going well, we don’t need God. What is happening in our world today is leading up to the end, and God needs your attention NOW. The only way He can get us to look to Him and seek Him out to hear what He has to say, is to let our situations get worse and worse. If you are in one of the Liberal cities that are being destroyed, then you’d better seek God out, because life will only get worse until you do. The life you experienced in the last two years is where our country is headed because of some extremely evil people––the Freedom Thieves.

But if you are living in your own little world, and the tyranny has not touched you and you are ignoring God...your lives are about to get really bad––or most likely, cut very short!

Everyone else? We have all been so busy with our ministries and lives, that we have pretty much shoved God aside and told Him to wait....or worse yet, “forget it!” We aren’t ready for Him right now, and for some, never. But no matter what you believe, or how you treat Him, God is still here––still waiting for you to seek Him out and find out Who He really is. Not the God you made up in your mind, but the REAL GOD, the one in the Old Testament––the Hebrew God.

We’d better get ready because He will fulfill all He has said in His Word. There was a beginning, so there will be an end.

For those just standing there with that dear in the headlights look, perhaps you just need to get those idols out of your heart (and house) so you can hear God more clearly. He is trying to tell you something, and right now only a (tiny) handful of people are actually listening to Him. There are things we all need to know before the real end times about three or more years (no more than eight most likely).

Presently (2020-2021...and on into 2022 now) it is NOT what we expected. It is in fact apparently some kind of an END. God needs your attention now so He can show us what He’s been trying to tell us for over thirty years now––His Hebrew Self!

We aren’t listening to Him, and now we are just about out of time. 2022 may be much worse, so we need to be prepared––and we need to seek God NOW. If we wait until the last minute, there may not be time to spend in prayer with Him. He has been trying to show you His Hebrewness and His Feasts and what it all means as His believers. Its just my observation, but I see very few people searching out the things of God. And you will only be able to see what God is trying to tell you if you do seek Him out.

There are a few people who are calling themselves Messianic, but they are following the false teachings of the Jews and the Christians, and are so mixed up it isn't funny.

So, where has God been? He has been right here just waiting for you who call yourselves Christians, or Believers or Messianics, or even Jews, to WAKE UP and seek Him out! You better hurry, or He may not be there when you decide to just meander onto your knees before God.

Updated 2-23-22